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Affordable Hair Braiding Service In Huston

Hair Braiding By Amina is an emerging new hair braiding salon. We specialize in twisting, braiding, and tying a large number of tiny braids all over the head. We combine aesthetics with a sense of whimsy. Hair braiding has not been the same since. Our salon offers a variety of hair weaves and designs, including Boxbraids, Cornrolls, Microbraids, Twists, Singles braids, Ghana braids, and more. Call us at 713-291-9320 to make an appointment.

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We Ensure the best braiding service by expert braider

Hair Braiding by Amina believes that our hair is our crown, and all of our customers are regarded as nobility. It is only reasonable that clients are served in every manner when they choose to spend the time and money with a hair salon.

We provide flexible schedules

We understand how precious our clients’ time is. Therefore we provide flexible hours to accommodate our clients’ hectic schedules. Our salon is big and pleasant, with experienced and courteous personnel. We strive to please every client by stressing punctuality, hygiene, and high-quality service. We pay close attention to all of our clients’ requirements to ensure that they are met.

We ensure the best quality service in Huston

We set the standard in Huston when it comes to braids and natural hair care. We were the first to offer fashionable trends in Huston, including ombre twists, banana cornrows, massive twists, and more. We study to discover which hairstyles are currently popular. We test them on our models before offering them to our clients.

Our clients are served by experienced hair stylists

Hair Braiding By Amina has been serving Huston and the neighboring area for several years, so anybody can rely on our knowledgeable staff to meet their hair demands. Our stylists are all licensed and work to improve their skills every year. We’ve been tried and true, and we’ve earned a reputation for being trustworthy.

Setter of the pace

We set the standard in Huston whenever it pertains to braids and natural hair care. We were the first to offer fashionable trends in Huston, including ombre twists, banana cornrows, giant twists, and more. We study to discover which hairstyles are currently popular. We test them on our models before offering them to our clients.


While we don’t claim to be Huston’s cheapest salon, we do take pleasure in giving customers good value for their money. We recognize that being too affordable might wind up costing too much in the long term, so rather than cutting shortcuts, we provide proactive, cost-effective ideas. Most of our services include high-quality hair in order to offer customers the hairdo they want at an affordable price point.

Customer service

Listening to our clients helps us build and sustain connections with them. We also provide free individualized consultation on our intended outcomes as well as a tailored approach to achieving the desired objective. We try to deliver excellent care in a welcoming environment.

World Best Hair Braiding Salon

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Before having braids, there are a few things everyone should know

The best part is that braids only need to be cleaned every 6-8 weeks, but there are a few things to keep in mind before anyone has them installed to guarantee they continue looking great.

Preparation is essential

Because the hair will be hidden away for a few months, so make sure it’s in the most satisfactory possible condition before starting the style. Ensure the hair is clean and nourished before styling, wash, condition, and deep condition the day before. The Dizziak Deep Conditioner is excellent for infusing moisture.
hair braiding shop
hair braiding shop

Stretching the curls

Stretching the curls is a necessity, as well as detangle the hair to guarantee that the braids are very smooth and frizz-free when they’re installed. If we don’t mind putting heat on the hair, we may stretch it out by blow-drying it in portions using a paddle brush.

Although hair is safeguarded, it should not be ignored

Braids are a fantastic protective hairstyle since they don’t require daily styling, but they won’t keep the hair healthy unless we nurture it. It’s critical to maintain our natural hair moisturized and lubricated after we’ve put our braids.

Take a couple of weeks

Because of the weight of the braids and the fact that our scalp can now detect the wind direction, our heads will seem strange for at least a week after they are put. To communicate with someone, it is normal to feel as though it is a must to move our complete body, not just the neck.

Types of Popular hair braiding around us

Everything began in Africa. In fact, an ancient burial site known as Saqqara revealed the oldest known depiction of braiding near the Nile River. Braids were even carved onto the rear of Giza’s Great Sphinx’s skull. African tribes, groups, and regions decorated their heads for cultural reasons, and the fashions were as intricate and varied as the many we know and love to replicate today.

Box Braids

Poetic Justice-inspired box braids are the most sought of legendary black braided hairstyles. They maintain our genuine tresses while also providing a flexible and innovative method to style our hair. What else could a girl ask for?

Micro Braids

In contrast to box braids, micro braids are significantly tiny (thereby the name) and take a lot of care. Depending on how much hair we have and how long we want them, they might take several hours or more to make.


We were delighted to see cornrows eventually get the attention they so well deserve on the stage. Cornrows, which are commonly known as boxer braids, may be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt.
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The primary distinctions between these African hair braiding techniques are their different sizes and the hair kinds utilized to make them. The 2-strand twisting method, on the other hand, is used to make all of them. Twists have one strand of hair fewer to deal with, yet they’re just as lovely as any braid.

Faux Locs

Hair extensions that skillfully imitate dreadlocks are used to create Faux Locs African hair braiding style without commitment! And, as we’re sure you’ll agree, they’re entirely fascinating.

Crochet braids

Crochet braids aren’t solely an African hair braiding style, which may surprise people. Crochet braids are the result of crocheting hair extensions onto already-cornrowed hair. Hairstyle chameleons, who like to go from voluminous curly to straight hairstyles, prefer this quick approach.

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